Questions & Answers

Q: What is the advantage of MediPendant™?

A: MediPendant™ enables you to speak and listen directly through the pendant. There is no need to be near a base station.

Q: Is MediPendant™ difficult to install?

A: It is very simple to install. Just plug in the power cord and the phone jack. There are no tools required.

Q: Will my phone bill increase?

A: No, the system dials a pre-programmed toll-free number.

Q: What if there is a loss of power?

A: The base station has backup battery power which allows the system to be used if the power fails.

Q: What happens if I am unable to speak?

A: When the button is pressed, you will hear a voice recording letting you know that your call for help is going through. Then you will hear the dial tone. Within seconds, an operator will come on the line. If the operator cannot hear you, help will be dispatched immediately.